I have had some sciatica flare-ups and other such challenges lately that are new to me. I was sitting before the Lord this morning and began journaling (and I’m not even very good at journaling). Then I looked at what I had written and thought, “Wait a minute! I think I just wrote a Good Report.” I suspect we’ve all had similar times, and just need the kind of admonition from the Lord that I received. So here’s how my journaling began:

I woke up this morning wanting to be discouraged, but the Lord would not let me. He reminded me of His Word.

“Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.”
          It’s a command.
“Do not be anxious about anything.”
          It’s a command.
“Do not worry about tomorrow.”
          It’s a command.
“Do not let your hearts be troubled.”
    It’s a command.

Commands are to be obeyed. They are not just good ideas that the Lord floats around for us to enjoy when everything is going the way we would choose for them to go.

And God will never give us a command that is impossible to do.

So I am no longer afraid, or discouraged, or anxious, or worried, or troubled. I flipped that internal Holy Spirit-led, Jesus-empowered switch inside me, and began to listen again:

Rejoice in the Lord always.
  A command. (Written from a Roman jail)
In everything, give thanks.
          A command.
Be courageous. Be strong.
          A command.

I encourage you to let the Lord speak to you similarly. Join me on the journey. It’s so much more enjoyable to live the Jesus way.