Mark 6:31

In the midst of much activity, “get some rest.”

Those were the Lord’s words to His disciples after a full day. Their day had been so full that they had “not even had a chance to eat, so Jesus said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

I just reread the story of John and Charles Wesley’s mother, Susanna. She had 19 children, ten of whom died in infancy. Her husband was such a poor money manager that he landed in a debtor’s prison for some of his life and Susanna was left to run the household alone often with little or no money. But she had promised the Lord early in life that she would devote herself continually to prayer. The children knew that when Mother threw her apron over her head that she was alone with the Lord and was not to be disturbed.

Do you have a good apron under which you can escape in times of stress? Jesus knew we all need that. He knew that He and His disciples had to find a “quiet place and get some rest.”

Happy quiets! Good rest to you! In Jesus Name!