I have been re-reading Daniel. I have never been more encouraged through the reading than I have this time. I was struck by the concept of bringing Daniel’s experience into my own life, and it is giving fresh strength to my faith.

If I should ever need to recall someone’s dream and interpret it, even a high government official, God will do it through me.
If God wants to reveal the future of governments to me, He will do it.
If I should ever be thrown into a den of wild beasts or hurled into the fire, God will deliver me.

He has never lost His power, nor has He ever stopped working miracles. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I love the story of Polycarp, the 2nd-century disciple of the apostle John who had a similar experience to Daniel’s three friends. He was arrested and thrown into the flames, but as he was dying, eyewitnesses saw an aura of protection around him even while the flames were engulfing him, and when he died, they saw a dove fly out of those flames.

What God has done before He can do again. And more. I am still yearning for more. Hope you are too!