I find that I have an unusual propensity for making snap judgments or decisions
without “inquiring of the Holy Spirit.” I know very well that “my [Jesus] sheep listen
to my voice (John 10:27),” and “whoever belongs to God hear what God says (John
8:47).” Yet, I find that I often jump to a judgment or action without waiting a
moment to listen for Him.

I remember when I bought my present car. The dealer knew what I was looking for
and could afford. So one day he called me and described this car that was an older
model but had low mileage. As soon as I heard it, I almost ran out of the house, got
into my car and raced toward the dealer when the Holy Spirit interrupted me. “Hold
on. You don’t have to have this car. If this is the car for you, it will be there for you.
Slow down. Listen for me.” As it turned out, I got the car, but I had surrendered the
decision to the Lord, and so much more enjoy the car because He affirmed the

Just two days ago, one of my closest friends and I were discussing a particular topic.
I saw a need and began expressing to him the answer to our question when the
Lord interrupted me. I had to say out loud, “Oh, excuse me, the Lord just stopped me
and said, ‘Listen to Me before you make any decision.’”

Now I’ve known about listening to the Lord for decades. He’s been talking to me for
a long time, and I have heard Him over and over again. But I still need the reminder:
“Listen for My Voice. I am here to help you with every decision, every business decision,
every social decision. I am interested in every area of your life. Keep learning. Keep

I love the LORD. He and I have this dialogue going on a lot of the time. BUT I still
needed this reminder. He wants to be completely in charge. As the popular little
slogan goes, “I am second!”

And I like it. This way of living fills us with joy.