“Your Kingdom, come!”

Matthew 6:10

Isaiah told of a Son that would be born who would be called “Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” – that the government would be upon His shoulders, a government, a kingdom, that would never end (Isaiah 9:7). Jesus is that Son.

Our intended destiny is to be a part of His advancing kingdom.

Daniel had a vision of the “time of the end” when the righteous would “shine like the brightness of the heavens” and would “lead many to righteousness (Daniel 12:4).

Our intended destiny is to be so full of the Spirit of Jesus that we radiate the glory of God – our very countenances proclaim His greatness.

Jesus spoke of a time when world righteousness would ripen (See Matthew 13:30).  Wickedness also ripens, but light always defeats darkness.

Our intended destiny is to become the most righteous generation in history.

May we embrace our destiny to the fullest – you and I. May we be so saturated with the Word of God and so full of His Spirit that we continually spread His joy.

May nothing distract us, nothing discourage us. Let us go forward in strength and with passion.

Lord Jesus, help us to share the good news and take millions with us into the eternal Kingdom.