Who better to guide our walk with the Lord than a godly man who has stayed the course for over eight decades? Don Finto may be in his senior years, but I have seen firsthand his vigor and passion for Jesus as he continues the race and finishes well. In his new book, PREPARE! Don s writing reflects his true heart for the body of Jesus. There are dark days ahead for some of us, but he teaches that we can maintain hope for a bright future. When we join with wisdom, prayer and integrity, we can respond correctly even in times of unjust suffering. I hope you study the deep truths in this honest look at what it means to walk uprightly, and fulfill the purposes of God for your own life. –Heidi G. Baker, PhD, Co-Founder and Director, Iris Global

Don Finto’s new book describes how to walk as a follower of Yeshua (Jesus) in these end times. As usual, Don’s writing is to the point, bringing complex topics down home, where anyone can relate to it in a personal way. Not only does the book help position you for a right understanding of the times before us, it provides you with inner encouragement and faith to stand victoriously. While some write about how to be successful, and others write about the difficulties, Don writes how to be successful in the midst of the difficulties. The book is real, practical, and simple which in itself is no simple task. Don shows you how to face a disastrous situation that looks like a tidal wave, and then shows you how to ride a surfboard of victorious faith, rising above the circumstances. –Asher Intrater, Jerusalem, Israel

Young leaders, let us soak up the words of this time-tested spiritual father and truly live prepared lives! –Andy Byrd, School of the Circuit Rider, Fire and Fragrance Ministries

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