“Selah.” Strange word. Appears in Scripture over 70 times. Primarily in the Psalms,but also three times in Habakkuk.

When I’ve read Scripture in times past and come across the word with its uncertain meaning, I would almost be annoyed with its interruption to my perhaps too rapid reading.

“Probably a musical term, its meaning is uncertain,” a comment to the recent NIV translation (that keeps changing), notes. “Since it may interrupt reading and distract the reader, this word has not been kept in the English text, but every occurrence has been signaled by a footnote.”

Wait a minute! I thought. What right do they have to take this word out of Scripture and relegate it to a footnote? I’ve begun to like the word! Yes, it interrupts my reading, but it makes me remember to slow down, to pause, to ponder, to meditate. Maybe that’s the intention!

Rather than take this word out of Scripture, I’ve rather made it a part of my entire Bible reading plan: Slow down! Think about that! Drink this in! Receive! Let’s not take Selah out. Let’s put more “Selahs” into our relationship with Jesus, with the Father, with Holy Spirit!