How Long, O Lord?

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Life Verse(s) #8: “How long, O Lord?” [How long will Israel’s eyes be closed?]…“Until the cities lie ruined and without inhabitant, until the houses are left deserted, and the fields ruined and ravaged” [Isaiah 6:9-12].

The land of Israel is longer “ruined and without inhabitant.” The houses are no longer “deserted.” The fields are no longer “ruined and ravaged.” It is therefore time for eyes of Jewish people to be open to God and to their own Messiah.

Tens, even hundreds of thousands of Jewish people have come to faith in the past fifty years since Isaiah’s “until” has been fulfilled. Many of them have interesting stories of how their eyes were supernaturally opened to their Messiah.

This book with the usual black cover is very interesting! I would encourage you to read it.


Don Finto