These Dry Bones!

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Have you read Ezekiel 37 lately?

I just prayed my way through it.

Oh, yes, there is a hint of the fulfillment when Judah returned from Babylon, but there was much more.  Ezekiel speaks of a time when the northern kingdom of Israel (Ephraim) and the southern kingdom of Judah, based in Jerusalem, will become one.

That promise is happening through the return of the Jewish people from the nations – without regard for whether they were from the northern tribes or from the southern kingdom.

But Ezekiel gave another promise. The breath (that’s the Spirit) of God will be blown into the regathered Israel.  If He can perform the miracle of bringing the Jewish nation together again after centuries of being dead, then He can perform the miracle of breathing His Spirit into Israel!

I read through the chapter and then put my hand on the book and looked up to God. “Remember what You said? I’m standing here, along with thousands of intercessors all over the world, watching to see when and how You will do this.

I trust You to fulfill Your Word!



Don Finto