Life and Peace

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Life Verse #10: “The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace” [Romans 8:6].

I have these dialogues with the Lord – I hope you do – often when I am reading Scripture.

One day I was reading this verse from Romans, and the Lord called me to pause and ponder – mind controlled by the Spirit.

As I pondered, the Lord seemed to say, “You are trying to live in the spirit controlled by the mind. It’s the other way around. Yes, use your mind to its fullest, but I am not asking you to be controlled by your mind, nor your emotions, but by my Spirit. My spirit in you, when controlled by your mind, will not bring life, but your mind, when controlled by my Spirit that lives within you, will produce life and peace.”

Be Blessed!

Don Finto


Eagerly Desire Spiritual Gifts!

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Life Verse #9: “Eagerly desire spiritual gifts” [1 Corinthians 14:1].

When I first began a walk in the Spirit, I did not understand much about spiritual gifts, and I had seen a lot of weird. But I knew that God did not limit Himself on what He could do at any time, so I technically believed in all the spiritual gifts.

Then the Lord arrested me, “Read that verse again” (speaking of 1 Corinthians 14:1). So I began to desire (more or less) spiritual gifts.

A while later, the Lord seemed to be saying to me again, “Go back to that verse, Read it carefully: Eagerly desire! I did not tell you to tolerate them, nor to accept them casually, but to desire my gifts eagerly.

I am still working on this! And recommend it for you as well!


Don Finto