My normal reading brought me again this morning to Psalm 1, and I was reminded of what I call the “Godly Prosperity Promise.” Yes, the prosperity teaching has at times been relegated to a kind of “name and claim it.” I took a ride one time in a new Cadillac that was claimed by one who had carelessly taken that promise and tried to apply to material wealth. The Cadillac was repossessed shortly after my ride.

But there is a Godly prosperity that is ours. That does not mean that we are all to become multi-millionaires, with wealth to consume on our own desires. But it does mean that God will supply what we need in order to do His Work.

But how do we walk in this Godly prosperity?

  1. The promise given in Psalm 1 comes to those whose “delight is in the law of the Lord” and who is continually meditating on what God desires.  The Psalmist says that whatever that person does “prospers.” I believe this, and will continually give myself over to listen and obey His promptings.
  2. Joshua was given this same assurance, that if he would be careful to obey the Lord, not letting the Word of God depart from his heart or his mouth, that he would be “prosperous and successful” (Josh. 1:8). I accept this for myself. This is God’s path to Godly prosperity and success.
  3. David had learned this lesson and shares it with us in Psalm 25:12-13: “Who is the man that fears the LORD? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him. He will spend his days in prosperity.” That’s mine!
  4. But there’s at least one hitch. According to the prophet Malachi, this promise becomes void if we withhold from God His tithe (See 3:8-10). 10% of our income never belongs to us. God allows us to receive it to see if we are faithful in returning it to Him. We never give the tithe; we bring it, we return it to the Lord and to His work.

I pray that during this season of gift giving, that we will be faithful to God with all our resources, because I am certain that He will be faithful to us!

Have a blessed Chanukah season/Christmas season/New Year!