We’ve now seen the last one, and we are still standing!

First of all, if you happen to be one of those who thought we might be raptured along about now, I encourage you to reread Scripture. In the back of the PREPARE! book, I’ve listed every scripture that has the Greek word for “tribulation” in it, and in every case, we are cautioned to prepare for tribulation. We’ll still be here to rescue people!

If you are an avid reader of Jonathan Cahn, as am I, and you believe him to be a Jewish prophet to the US, as do I (as well as that he is a personal friend), you may be wondering what’s happening.  On a personal email from Jonathan recently, he cautioned again about being specific on dates when things will happen, something he has said all along, but he did remind us of the continued volatility of the US stock market which, in late August had its single greatest single day collapse in history – over 1000 points. And of the universal effect of the collapse of China’s market.

I personally would like to remind you of three of the major reasons why I expect catastrophes to hit our shores some time soon: 1)We told God to stay out of the schools in 1962, 2)We told Him we will legalize the killing of our children in 1973, and 3)We told Him that we shall nationally celebrate what He calls an abomination as good! At a governmental level, we have told God to stay out of our country! 

HOWEVER, remember that Jesus told us through his parable of the wheat and weeds, that wickedness will never outstrip righteousness! In the middle of the darkest days ahead, we, the believers in Jesus, will be the most brilliant body of Jesus-followers in history!

If you do not have a copy of the PREPARE! for the end time harvest book, go to calebpublications.org and order your copy or go to Amazon. Or get it on Kindle or eBook. Let’s get the message out. We are headed toward our most glorious day in history. This is not wishful thinking. This is God’s Word! No amount of blood moons will thwart that promise!