If your life is boring, or even ordinary, it may be that you are not listening for that inner, sometimes wild, voice of the Holy Spirit. God can call us to do many ordinary things, but He can also call us to do wild, extravagant, unusual things.  For example, giving literally the clothes off our backs, or the watch on our arm, or the diamond on our finger, or the money in our pocket, or even a car or a house.

God called King Jehoshaphat of Judah to send out the choir in front of the army in order to defeat the enemy! It worked because God ordained it.

The Syrian General Naaman went down to the Jordan and baptized himself seven times as a cure for his leprosy. I doubt that would work every time, but it worked for Naaman, because that’s what God, through a prophet, told him to do.

If an army is losing a battle, try sending three men up on a hill overlooking the battleground, and have two of them lift up the hands of the other one. Maybe that will help? Maybe not? It worked for Aaron and Hur who held up Moses’ hands in Israel’s battle against the Amalekites. God’s instructions!

Want to try Isaiah’s prescription for calling a nation back to the Lord? Then go “stripped and barefoot” through the land for three years!

Sometimes God’s words, if they are unusually weird, may need to be tested again and again! But you get the point!

Peter walked on water, Matthew left his tax collector profession, David danced very un-King-like in front of the ark of the covenant, Hosea married an adulteress, both John the Baptist and Samson wore ultra long locks, Paul sent out prayed-over handkerchiefs to heal the sick, Jesus healed a blind man with mud made out of his own saliva and dirt. All of them only following the sometimes unusual call of God!

Let us be willing to be Godly weird, Godly wild, yes Godly wise, in the Holy Spirit!