“I am deeply saddened, but not without hope!”

Even though our nation was founded upon Godly principles, in 1962, the Supreme Court of the land ruled prayer and Bible reading out of our schools. Since that time, our schools have been continuing in a downward spiral without moral compass.

In 1973, we opened the floodgates to kill our unborn inside their mothers’ wombs.

Now in 2015, our court has ordered that what God calls detestable and shameful (See Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:21-27) is to be considered “good”; for some, a cause for celebration.

I am very sad, but I am not without hope. The very message the Lord laid on my heart more than a decade ago, and about which PREPARE for the End-Time Harvest! was written, is that wickedness and righteousness will ripen side by side as we approach Jesus’ return.

Believers are now facing the most urgent challenge of our lifetime. Our role is the same as always: to love God with all our hearts, and to love all people, including those walking in paths we deem ungodly. But our role is also to stand strong in the Word of God, even if this means enduring accusations or even persecution.

I believe this will be our finest hour. Righteousness is ripening in the midst of wickedness. Light is growing brighter in the ever deepening darkness.