Life Verse #11: “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death” (Romans 8:1-2)


The “law of the Spirit of life” vs. the “law of sin and death. I am no longer under the “law of sin and death,” yet I must appropriate for myself (and encourage you to do the same) the “law of the Spirit of life.”


Let me illustrate how that works. Most, if not all of us, had habits and life patterns that were ungodly before we came to Jesus. We were under the “law of sin and death.” Sin separated us from God and always leads to death, sometimes literally to physical death, but always to eternal death. Death is separation from God; eternal “death” is eternal separation from God and all that is good.


When we came to Jesus we entered into the “law of the Spirit of life,” no longer under the “law of sin and death.” Sin is forgiven in and through Jesus. But if we are unaware of the fullness of what that means, here is what may happen.


Your hardest pattern to overcome is an entrenched habit or addiction. Let’s presume it’s alcohol or some kind of drug. After coming to Jesus you stay sober for several days, but then you slip and go back into the habit. When you awaken to what you have done, you have a choice, a choice that the enemy wants to hide from you.


If you move back under sin and death, you begin to hate yourself for what you have done. You are ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed, and devastated. What can you do? Maybe you are “just this way.” Maybe you never will get delivered. What to do? Go back and get high or drunk or flip out again to drown your grief.


There is another choice. You can kick back into the “law of the Spirit of life.” Your sins are forgiven. You have been the righteousness of Jesus. You did not nor will you ever deserve it. He still loves you and does not even count the sin (check that out with Romans 4:7-8).


What do do? Erupt in praise and worship and thanksgiving and awe that He still counts you righteous because you have been given a righteousness that is not your own. Give testimony! Exult in His goodness!


And so what happens? You stay “sober” for a much longer period of time, because you are so full of joy!


BUT you still have that crazy nagging desire, and you slip again… and again… and again…


It is key that we learn to grab hold again of the “law of the Spirit of life,” and do not allow the enemy to push us into guilt and despair for unnecessary days and weeks and months.


Repentance? Yes. Talk to Him. Look Him in the eye. He is the One Who wrote those words (through His good friend Paul).


How can I know this works?


Because I’ve working the plan for a number of decades, and I’m staying “sober” a much longer time these days!


Have a good life! In Jesus!



Don Finto